Can Cannabis Treat Glaucoma? 

Can Cannabis Treat Glaucoma? 

Glaucoma is an eye condition which does involve damage to the optic nerve, and when not treated, it does lead to blindness. It’s one of the major causes of blindness that is irreversible, and since 1980, there have been treatments and procedures which have cut the blindness in half, but the drugs are still limited. But with the improvement of current treatments, you may wonder if cannabis can help with this, since the ECS does play a part in the disease, and whether or not there might be a chance for cannabinoid medications to help. 

What is the Cause 

This is mostly neurodegenerative, and usually is contributed to Alzheimer’s, but there isn’t one specific cause, and it continues to be a mystery. The current treatment for the most part is making sure that they target intraocular pressure, which means it prevents blindness and such. Depending on this, you may treat this with eye drops, or surgery. 

Can Marijuana be used? 

Well, back about 40 years ago, there were studies that were found to have lowered the symptoms of this for those who did have this condition, and it did lower the pressure by up to 30% or so. Despite the findings though, few people support the use of this for patients who deal with this, since it does cause adverse effects and it may outweigh the benefits of this. Smoking also may cause this too, so it might contribute to possible full vision loss. Also, because of the therapeutic effects, people would need to actually have this a lot, and people would have to smoke up to 8 times a day to help consistently lower this. 

But then, if you do that, there is always the risk of developing cannabis use disorder. But when you’re looking at late-stage glaucoma, there is actually more inclination to using this, since it is less about targeting the problem rather than alleviating it. It can help with treating many things, but for now, if you use it with late-stage glaucoma, there is some benefit from medical cannabis that is to be said here. 

The future role 

It can possibly be a big part of future discoveries  and treating some conditions. That’s because the endocannabinoid receptors are actually a big part of health, neuroprotection, pain modulation, and even immunity and response. Because of the role of this, it can be useful with treating glaucoma as well. The receptors are responsible for regulating the intraocular pressure, and they can possibly help. 

There is some evidence which suggests that there are cannabinoid agents that are in CBD along with CBG, that can help you get some relief as well, since tis can help. But this does need to be put near the eye, but the receptors do allow for it. But the problem is though is that we’re still far behind. There are still plenty of challenges which persist. That’s because the preparations aren’t as good due to the bioavailability that’s poor, and the absorption of this is unpredictable. Inhalation isn’t as good because there isn’t enough time for it to be effective as well in the long haul as well. 

Topical preparations may be a part of it, but there is still a lot of research to be done. Right now though, it’s not the ideal way to treat glaucoma, but this may possibly prove to be a good thing down the line, and it may be used along with other types of therapy in order to offer relief, but for now, it isn’t the ideal kind of treatment for this condition. 


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