Cannabis and Women’s Health 

Cannabis and Women’s Health 

The uterus is not just a place for developing babies, but it actually has a network of ligaments and arteries, and the endometrium is stretched to accumulate, pushes babies out, and then contracts. There is a lot that is done, but it also causes a lot of pain, especially if there are complications.  Most people have pain, but here is some study which says hat cannabis can be used to help with uterine health, and throughout history, it’s been a big part of remedies for women. 

Periods and Cannabis 

A lot of physicians in the 19th century did have a lot to say about period problems and cannabis, and it was because of Queen Victoria, who had bad menses.  The timeframe also does coincide with when Western doctors went to India and learned more about cannabis. Queen Victoria did have painful menstruation, and while we don’t know if she took cannabis, she did have tinctures that were prepared by her physician.  He did find a plant that was useful for helping cramps, and it was the Indian hemp plant. Today, researchers have found that when you have cannabis products, it can actually relax your muscles and aid with muscle spasms. This is more for CBD, but THC can also aid people. 

Treating Heavy Periods 

Heavy periods have been around for a long time, and there are actually studies which published that if you have heavy bleeding, cannabis can help. This as studied by physicians who found that in India, doctors would use it, and would develop tinctures to help with heavier bleeding, and also helped doctors determine whether a heavy period was from a miscarriage or otherwise. Cannabis didn’t help with that, Abnormal bleeding can be anything from imbalances to hormones, but also cancer too, but cannabis can be something to aid you if you do have heavy bleeding. 

Cannabis and Pregnancy 

These days, cannabis is not recommended for developing forms, since there are too many unknowns that aren’t know there, and a lot of things you don’t know about this. 

However, in the past it was used for things such as nausea and even ankles swollen, but nowadays, doctors don’t recommend it. Ut in a folk remedy from Germanic origins, there was a remedy which discussed putting cannabis along the ankles and the stomach to help with pain in the uterine area, reduce miscarriages, and also keep the fetal health strong, along with helping women with swollen ankles. Cannabis was also used to help with pregnancy vomiting, especially in severe instances where both the mom and the fetus may be at risk. 

Cannabis and Labor 

It does help with relieving pain though and can facilitate childbirths that are especially awful. In fact, it’s something that’s been used for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the Egyptians, where they would use cannabis as a form of medicine to help with active labor, and active labor pains. There are also some people that say that it may not work in some cases, because there is still the chance that it may not help with contractions, but some studies did find it did help with dilating a cervix, didn’t make you sleep, and it did the job quickly. 

The hemp plant, however, was found to be more useful for childbirth than other cannabis products, but it also may help with making childbirth faster without possibly using anesthesia for this. But while the studies are still few and far between, cannabis is a good thing hat can help with women’s health issues that span many different places. 


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