Cannabis for Anxiety

Cannabis for Anxiety

Cannabis is really good for anxiety, and for some, they may feel better regardless of the strain, no matter how much or how little it was. But sometimes some people notice that the higher strains make them paranoid, makes them more anxious, and they may feel on-edge or self-conscious as well. This is something that happens a lot, and sometimes, they may moved to smaller doses, smaller edibles, and those that have equal THC and CBD levels as well.  Sometimes, starting with a tincture of CBD makes a big difference as well. 

Remember that cannabis is not something that’s totally studied.  The right strain and dose may be different from the rest, and you must remember that it can be different in some cases. Anxiety does change and evolve, so you need to make sure you’re ready to evolve with it, and also the different types of cannabis that can help with anxiety. This is meant to help you understand what you can get, and also, help you get the results that you want to really start. 

Does it React with Anti-Anxiety Medications 

This is something that needs to be considered, and it’ important to make sure that you understand that mixing it may have a problem. Some SSRIs may be used for anxiety, and so far, there may be very adverse reactions with this, but with NDRIs, this can be a big problem, and it can cause reactions. It’s important to make sure that if you do use cannabis for anxiety, you track to see how it makes you feel, and if it interacts with the medication, you should inform your doctor. 

The Right Product Matters 

The big thing to remember here is that the products do matter. For some people, certain ways of taking it may be good, since it gives them a steady feeling for a long period of time. But in other cases, it might also cause some adverse reactions if you’re not careful. Some of the easiest ways to use this are vapes and topicals. Vapes are simple, and they act fast.  Topicals are good for those wo want a more CBD-focused feeling, since it’s easy, discreet, and it offers relief n a localized manner. So if you have a headache, this works great. 

Beverages and edibles are good if you want something strong and lasts a long time. However, the one downside with this one is you need to be exact with this, or else it can make the anxiety symptoms much worse. For flower, there are a lot of different compounds, which is a plus but also a downside since the wrong strain can make you feel worse. It’s also incredibly quick-acting just like vapes. The key thing to understand here is that it may not be exact early on, so experimenting and figuring out what works for you is best. 

Dosing This 

Medical Marijuana

Finally, we have dosing. First, you should start with CBD products that are high in concentration. They aren’t as intoxicating, and you don’t have to be as exact with it, to see if it works for you. Then, with THC, you should start with something small, maybe 2.5-10 mg. Tinctures do have the amount per bottle, and usually a dropper or two is good. 

For smoking and inhaling, you want to look at something that’s small, and not as potent.  You should go for smaller THC, and higher CBD. You should always start small, and if you don’t feel anything for a few hours, then increase it. Be careful, and be smart with dosing, and you’ll have a good experience with CBD down the line. 


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