What We Know about CBD and Inflammation so Far 

What We Know about CBD and Inflammation so Far 

Inflammation or inflammatory responses are essentially the immune responses for the body.Short-term inflammation won’t hurt, but long-term can lead to heart diseases Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, IBS, and even diabetes too. Inflammation does have pain attached to it, and usually, it’s treated with anti-inflammatory drugs that aren’t steroids, or steroid medications. But they do have risks, and some people would like to use a more preventative means to treat this, such as supplements and the like. But could CBD help with treating this? The answer is yes, but there is still much research to be had. 

How CBD Helps 

The cannabinoids within this are usually anti-inflammatory compounds, which can be used to reduce inflammation. It’s complicated with inflammation since the body does use different signals in order to trigger an inflammatory reaction in a person. CBD reduces this by inhibiting the Cox2 enzyme, and NSAOIDs so this, but this seems to have a more positive effect on this, and it tends to reduce cytokines as well that cause inflammation, which thereby reduces this. 

The human Studies

Inflammation does play a big part in some awful autoimmune diseases, and it can even cause diabetes, cancer, and stroke too. Could CBD help with this. There is some study that says so that it can help with type I diabetes, since it does target the inflammation of the pancreas in that case. Another found that it can help with MS and other harmful inflammatory conditions there. Another review saw that it could be used as inflammatory bowel disease treatment as a medication. Another trial found that it was a safe thing to use, but there wasn’t enough synergism that was needed with those cannabinoids for this to be an effective form of treatments. 

What the experts think 

What do the experts think? 

So far, there isn’t a lot of research on this, and some say that it doesn’t help, but the experts say that this is possible. It’s anti-inflammatory and is probably one of the safest ways to treat this problem. 

The biggest challenge of course is whether or not it can help with the inflammation, or the conditions associated with this. Another found that CBD may play a role in treating a variety of inflammatory conditions within the body, which in turn can help to improve the overall bodily health and wellness as well. 

So what does this mean for you? Right now, there is not enough evidence. Unfortunately, it isn’t as studied as it should be, but it may be useful for you to use. This is of course, the CBD aspects of this, so whether or not this will be good if it’s a THC/CBD compound is still up for study. But if you want to take it and it does help you, there is virtually no harm in doing so. 

If you’re going to be using CBD though in order to treat this, you must understand that it isn’t all created equal in a lot of cases. Getting high-quality CBD does matter, since plenty of people get the lower-quality stuff, and then they don’t get the right sorts of results from this. But if you’re thinking of using this, you should definitely consult your doctor to help you best determine the right kind of CBD to help you, and they ay be able to point you in the direction of not only a good place to get CBD, but also a good place if you’re looking to get results to help treat these conditions as they happen as well. 


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